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Here you will find all the resources you need to carry out a SusQI project.

Please see our Licensing page to find out how to credit CSH when using our resources. 

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What is SusQI?

The SusQI Framework 
This paper by Mortimer et al sets out the SusQI Framework in detail

The Triple Bottom Line
Here, CSH explains the concept of triple bottom line analysis

Principles of Sustainable Healthcare 
This paper by Frances Mortimer sets out the CSH principles of sustainable healthcare

Sustainability in quality improvement: measuring impact
This paper by Mortimer et al  using cases studies to discuss how different varaibles of sustainable value may be measured in practice 

Concrete ways we can make a difference...
This paper by Spooner et al presents an evaluation of trainee experience of SusQI and demonstrates its value in increasing engagement and motivate learners to contribute to the development of a sustainable healthcare system. 

Teaching skills for sustainable healthcare
This paper by Stanford et al reviews the SusQI framework and outlines its value for engaging health workers in health system transformation

Step-by-step Guide 

Project Development Template: This will help you get started on a project. It provides guiding questions to get you thinking and pointers of where to use the tools above for each stage of your process
Project Planner:
This document provides a framework for recording your steps in the SusQI Process as you develop your project 

Setting Goals Template:
This document can be used to help you set your goals

Study the System 

Value process mapping overview
This guide will help you to design your own value process map

Examples of value process maps in various clinical settings:

Scanning for Waste 

Here you will find a scanning-for-waste resource use table blank for your use. This will help you identify the types of waste which might be occurring in your department or system.

Recognising Resource Use 

Here you will find a recognising resource use table blank for your use. This will help you identify waste hotspots that could be the target for your improvement idea

Scanning for Social Impact
Here you will find a scanning for social impacts table blank for your use. This will help you to identify the negative and positive social impacts on different groups of your current system and your proposed intervention idea. 

Scanning for Social Determinants 
Here you will find a scanning for social determinants table blank for your use. This will help you identify the socially-determined roots causes for a problem, that might enable you to target interventions to prevent these problems occurring. 

Design Improvement

Driver Diagram template
This diver diagram is blank for your use and can be filled in to help you think about potential change ideas in your setting

Examples of Driver Diagrams in various clinical settings:

Prioritising Improvement Ideas Table:

Use this table supports you in considering the potential Health, Environmental and Social Impacts of your change ideas, as well as their feasibility  

Measure the Impact 

Environmental outcomes: carbon footprinting for healthcare This document will show you how to work out a carbon footprint of a service, system or pathway using updated greenhouse gas  emission factors 

Note: The Scanning for Social Impacts table from the Study the System section above can be used after designing or implementing your intervention. This will help you to understand if you have have had an overall increase or decrease in negative social impacts and for which group.

Reporting Templates

Once you have completed your report, please share your project by uploading it to our Sustainable Healthcare Resource Library. ​Please note, you will need to register with the free Networks before you can upload.

SusQI case study report templateUse this template if you have followed SusQI methodology for your project. 

Case study report template: Use this template for all other sustainable healthcare projects.

Poster Template: This provides a structure for presenting your project at a conference or meeting

Educational Case Study Template: Share your experience of teaching SusQI in your institution using this template

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project development template
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