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Integrating sustainability into Quality Improvement to create a more ethical and sustainable healthcare system

Why integrate sustainability into Quality Improvement (QI) teaching and practice?

Integrating sustainability into your existing QI education and organisational approach equips current and future healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver high quality sustainable healthcare.


"SusQI engages and motivates learners to contribute

to the creation of a sustainable healthcare system"

“Concrete ways we can make a difference”: A multi-centre, multi-professional evaluation

of sustainability in quality improvement education, Medical Teacher (2022)

What is the SusQI Academy?


The Sustainability in QI (SusQI) Academy is designed for both healthcare delivery organisations and educational institutions, the Academy is a bespoke package, created in collaboration with your organisation to achieve the following:


  • Integrate sustainability into existing QI teaching programmes and QI framework

  • Develop capability to assess environmental and social impacts of QI initiative

  • Align strategy and foster connections between clinical, sustainability, and QI teams

  • Increase motivation to engage in Quality Improvement

SusQI projects are a great way of team building and putting a spring in the step of the people we work with and give treatment to

Mark Wright, Consultant Nephrologist and Haemodialysis Lead at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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I work for a healthcare delivery organisation

I work for an academic institution/in postgraduate education

Hear from our members


Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT)  Joined the SusQI Academy in November 2022. Over 12 months they have trained key members of the continuous improvement team, integrated sustainability into their organisational approach and all levels of their QI training, ensuring all improvement initiatives now consider and measure sustainability impact.


"We’ve been extremely well supported by the SusQI team at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, the approach has been very flexible and how we got there was up to us…having the Academy network to have conversations with other organisations on the same journey proved extremely useful."

Helen Payne, Head of Continuous Improvement, MPFT

King's College London (KCL)

The Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative care at KCL were an original SusQI pilot site between 2021-2022, integrating sustainability into a range of curricula. In March 2023 additional curriculum leads joined the SusQI Academy for support to introduce sustainability content into the MSc clinical nursing programme and a range of post-graduate and international programmes.

Academy membership includes:

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For more details on the SusQI Academy structure and pricing click here

Contact us


Hazel Walsh, Clinical Transformation Programme Manager

Please contact Hazel for further information or to schedule a Teams call.

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