SusQI Education Project 

Putting SusQI Theory into Practice


The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) has developed the Sustainability in Quality Improvement (SusQI) Education project to equip health professionals to innovate for a more environmentally, socially and financially sustainable health service. The project’s primary aim is to integrate sustainability into current QI teaching in order to improve the knowledge and skills required for sustainable healthcare.


The project is funded and supported by Health Education England, The Health Foundation and Kings College London.

Project goals 

The project aims to facilitate the integration of sustainability into health professions education on QI, using the ‘SusQI’ framework which looks value in healthcare though the lens of the "triple bottle line."

Taking part in the project

CSH offers the following for pilot sites taking part in the project:


  • Review of current QI teaching and material to identify opportunities for the integration of sustainability.

  • Deliver SusQI training to faculty and students.

  • Provide SusQI resources and tools 

  • Provide ongoing support and direct links with our CSH QI Education Fellow for both faculty and students.


Criteria for selection of pilot sites:

  • Integration of the SusQI framework into existing or planned QI teaching.

  • Agree to evaluation (e.g. share anonymised data, covered by multi-site ethics approval).

  • Named person within the institution to act as a main point of contact (plus sign-off by the course lead, if different).

  • Intention to continue teaching beyond the pilot if successful (e.g. evidenced by arranging faculty development and involving staff in co-delivering SusQI teaching).

  • Strategic value to the project (e.g. opportunity to trial the approach with a learners from a different professional group / stage of training or using a different teaching format).


In addition, the project supports adoption of SusQI teaching across QI education programmes nationally and internationally through creation of these open-access resources and by subsidising CSH's Teaching Sustainable Quality Improvement online course for educators. Early booking advisable as places limited. 


The project runs for two years from 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2021.


Primary contact for the project:

Siobhan Parslow-Williams, QI Education Lead, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

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