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Integrating sustainability into Quality Improvement to create a more ethical and sustainable healthcare system

Thank you for your interest in embedding sustainability into your organisational QI approach


The climate and ecological crisis represents the biggest threat to human health and wellbeing of the century . The healthcare sector has a significant carbon footprint, with the way we deliver clinical care impacting hugely on this. Whilst healthcare professionals are increasingly motivated to reduce the harmful environmental and social impact of our health systems, there remains a gap in knowledge and skills in how to deliver more sustainable healthcare. 

By joining the SusQI Academy your organisation has a unique opportunity to take decisive action. Integrating environmental and social sustainability into all health care professions QI education, training, and practice offers a practical way for all healthcare staff to contribute to building a more ethical, sustainable and net zero healthcare service, while improving care for patients.



The SusQI Academy supports the following organisational priorities:

Ensures all improvements and change processes are viewed through the sustainable value lens, driving improvements in patient and population health whilst addressing environmental, financial and social impact. Integrating the principles of sustainable clinical practice prioritises improvements in prevention, patient empowerment & self-care and lean pathways, directing us towards to the highest value improvements in healthcare.

Case studies

See how our Academy members have demonstrated sustainable value, through improving clinical outcomes and had positive environmental, social and financial impact

For more details on the SusQI Academy structure and pricing click here 

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Hazel Walsh, Clinical Transformation Programme Manager

Please contact Hazel for further information or to schedule a Teams call.

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