Learn from other health-professionals who are using SusQI to improve systems and save money, whilst adding social and environmental value at every opportunity. 

Examples from CSH's award-winning, tried and tested Green Ward Competition  may spark ideas to be implemented in other healthcare organisations. If you would like to run a Green Ward competition at your trust please get in contact. We have kept the examples brief but if you would like more detail on a particular project please get in touch. 

Have a case study to share? Submit your SusQI project to CSH and we can publish it online. ​

Barts Health 2019

Green Ward Competition

Learn about how Eye Treatment Centre (ETC) team carried out 4 sustainable healthcare initiatives as part of the competition at Barts Health NHS Trust as well as other examples of QI at a grassroots level

University Hospitals Southampton 2018

Green Ward Competition

Duplicate medication orders are a waste of resources and by developing a system to reduce this in the AMU the winning Green Ward team were able to save an estimated £26,000 and 11,180kgCO2e per annum


Green Walking

Watch a clip of Occupational Therapist John Galvin talk about Green Walking on his mental health unit

Royal Devon and Exeter 2018

Green Ward Competition

Winners of this competition reduced unnecessary cannulation in the emergency department with positive environmental, social and financial outcomes. Other examples include water and waste reduction in the Renal Unit

D &E.png

Royal Devon and Exeter 2019

Carbon Hotspots Focus

This Green Ward Competition was designed to focus QI effort on reducing carbon emissions associated with healthcare delivery by focuses on carbon "hotspots". Learn more about the anaethetics department saved an estimated 50 tonnes of carbon emissions/annum

Watch a clip of Occupational Therapist John Galvin talk about Green Walking on his mental health unit

Frimley Park Hospital 2020

Reducing MDI use in Paediatrics 

The winner of this competition aimed to reduce the use of metered dose inhalers in the paediatric unit. Learn more about how this project was carried out. 

Green Walking 

Watch a clip of Occupational Therapist Juliet Delahaye talk about the benefits of Green Walking 

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