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Your SusQI journey starts here

This step-by-step guide will take you through the stages of a SusQI project. These steps can be incorporated into existing QI models. Our Project Development Template may also be helpful you to get started on your project.

Set sustainable goals for your quality improvement project, within the overarching goal to deliver maximum health gain with minimum financial cost and harmful environmental impacts, whilst adding social value at every opportunity.

Recognise the use of environmental and social resources in your current service, and identify opportunities to improve.

Design your project using sustainability principles (prevention, empowerment, lean pathways, low carbon alternatives) to achieve the greatest benefit.

Measure the impact of your project on sustainable value. This includes tools for measuring social value and calculating carbon footprint.

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Remember to share your experience so others can replicate your ideas. To this end the CSH has developed a number of reporting templates which we encourage you to use.

This "SusQI Explained video" will give you an overview of the 4 steps of the SusQI framework, as well as an introduction to sustainability in healthcare and examples of SusQI in action in the NHS. 

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