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If a small department can make such a significant environmental impact, what could we all achieve across the NHS if Integrated Care Boards, the Dept of Health and the Commissioning bodies put their support behind initiatives such as this. The solutions to the problems lie within the staff that run the services. Enable them!”

Lynn Riddell, September 2022

Consultant Physician and Countywide Clinical Service Lead

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Your organisation has a unique opportunity - and responsibility - to take decisive climate action. By investing in your staff to adopt sustainable healthcare practices, you can reduce your carbon footprint, save money, improve patient care, and become role models for other sectors. Your staff are on the frontline of healthcare every day – enable them to join the frontline of climate action too.

The Green Team competition can support the following organisational priorities.


Programme evaluation

In 2023, CSH collaborated with The University of Oxford to conduct a qualitative evaluation of the 2022 Green Team Competitions. Read the pre-print report here -Implementing Sustainable Healthcare Projects in the NHS: A Qualitative Evaluation of the 2022 Green Team Competitions

Competitions run in 4 phases over 8-12 months
Contact us

Hazel Walsh, Clinical Transformation Programme Manager

Please contact Hazel for further information or to schedule a Teams call.

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