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Integrating sustainability into Quality Improvement to create a more ethical and sustainable healthcare system

This framework radically altered how I approach quality improvement, in how I deliver quality improvement to the students I teach, in my own practice and in how I appraise the work of others”

Noreen Ryan, Domain Lead for Quality Healthcare. Imperial College London School of Medicine 

“Made me more passionate to make a change”

Student at KCL Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative care

The Sustainability in QI (SusQI) Academy offers a specialised programme supporting healthcare providers and education institutions to integrate sustainability into Quality Improvement (QI) teaching and practice. Supporting organisations to:

* Deliver green plans and reach net zero targets            * Address health inequalities

* Reduce costs associated with waste in clinical care     * Enhance staff time & well-being


The programme is tailored to organisational needs and aims to:


-Integrate sustainability concepts into existing QI methodologies

-Adapt tools for measuring sustainability impact

-Assess environmental and social impacts of QI initiatives

-Foster connections between clinical teams, sustainability and QI teams

-Build organisational capacity for sustainable models of care 

-All while boosting motivation for Quality Improvement engagement.

Discover how NHS Education for Scotland is evolving their 'Quality Improvement Journey' model, tools, and training to embrace sustainability concepts. They're actively measuring the environmental impact of local QI initiatives, recognising that real-life examples and stories are powerful motivators, engaging and supporting more individuals to participate in sustainability-focused Quality Improvement projects


Newcastle NHS Hospitals Trust, the world's first healthcare organisation to declare a climate emergency in 2019, is prioritising sustainability in Quality Improvement (QI). Their strategy involves increasing sustainability metrics in QI projects and integrating environmental sustainability and health inequalities as domains of QI. Collaborating with CSH, they've adapted existing materials to align with their QI methodology. This approach has empowered staff to propose sustainability-focused project ideas, expanding the traditional scope of QI.

An online platform for peer networking, resource and information sharing

Access to two CSH technical workshops (SusQI, Teaching SusQI, Carbon Footprinting) for each lead 

A CSH lead helps define your goals and offers personalised mentoring sessions

Led by CSH experts, share opportunities and current challenges, network with peers


Membership Includes: 

Access to diverse learning and mentoring opportunities


How you'll be supported in your first 12 months:

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To learn more, inc. enrolment dates and price structure download the CSH SusQI Academy Brochure here

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