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Supervising a Sustainability in Quality Improvement project

Many clinicans working across settings get involved with supervising QI projects. Maybe you are motivated to embed sustainability into the projects you supervise, or perhaps you are being asked by learners to adopt this approach. These resources should help you understand how to supervise and even assess Sustainability in Quality Improvement projects. The good news is, SusQI is designed to be embedded into existing QI theory-which means you don't have to scrap your existing knowledge to be able to supervise a SusQI project. 

If you are not familair with SusQI, visit our 
What is SusQI page, and click here to familiarise yourself with the 4-step process of a SusQI project. 

Before you start supervising... 


The QI Education Project have developed this video for supervisors and tutors who will be guiding students and trainees through their QI projects. It provides and introduction to sustainable healthcare and the SusQI approach to sustainability in quality improvement, providing tips on how you can support students and signpost them to resources.















If you need support... 
Please get in touch with us here if you would like to discuss a project. You can also come along to one of our courses to learn more about SusQI, and how to teach SusQI to your learners or tutees. 

Encourgaing your tutees to publish their work...
Sharing good practice is essential for spreading positive change. You can encourage those you supervise to publish their work or share at some of the places listed below. To help facilitate this, guide them to our Project Report and Poster Presentation templates.

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