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Educator Pack

Workshop 5: Learning Disability
SusQI for ... ?

These materials are designed to deliver a 1.5-3 hour interactive workshop on SusQI for healthcare professionals working in primary care and secondary care Obstetric services. This content includes: 

​1) Slide Deck 
This slide deck includes: 

1) an introduction to envir
onmental sustainability and sustainable healthcare with an emphasis on examples relevant to...?
2) an overview of the SusQI framework including the sustainability principles
3) each stage of the SusQI process explained in detail
4) real-life case studies.  

2) Activities 
Within the Slide Deck, there are two activities which help to make this workshop interactive to enable learning. These activities are within the "Study the System"  and "Design Improvement" stages of the SusQI 4-step process

The activities include worksheets for students, as well as facilitator sheets for answers.

Activity One
This activity helps learners think about carbon hotspots and environmental resources, and how to use a process map to study the system 

Activity One sheet: environmental impacts (for learners)
Answer One sheet: environmental impacts (for facilitators/educators)

Activity Two
This activity helps learners think about how the social factors such as employment, housing or community invovlement might be affecting the health of their target population. This can help guide thinking about prevention, patient empowerment & self-care as tools for reducing healthcare acitivity. 

Activity Two sheet:
social determinants (for learners)
Answer Two sheet: social determinants (for facilitators/educators)



This marking criteria has been developed to assess SusQI projects as Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced level and it can be easily adapted to your context.  This document shows how the marking criteria can be applied to each stage of the project report template found here.


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