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What training is available in SusQI?

CSH has many courses for those interested in furthering their understanding of SusQI.


In particular you may want to join our SusQI course. This course provides mentoring from experienced QI educators and opportunities to network with others who are undertaking QI projects.


We also run a dedicated Teaching SusQI course for educators and those experienced quality improvement in practice.

Additionally you may find that your organisation has a QI department and they maybe able to give guidance and support for your QI projects. Or they may want to contact us and see if we can run a workshop within your institution. Although the majority of our courses run at times for those in GMT we are also sometimes deliver course at times more suitable for those in different time zones. If you are interested in hosting one of these please get in contact.

Can I use share these resources?

See the section on Licensing 

Where can I publish my QI project?

We aim for SusQI to become a mainstream part of all QI teaching and students can share their QI projects in any QI journal or conference. However, students may want to aim to share their projects in places with a particular focus on environmental sustainability and here are some places to do so:


  • Health Services Journal Environmental and Sustainability award


  • Brighton SHARE Conference


  • BMJ Environmental Sustainability and Climate Action Team of the Year


  • Greener Practices website                


I attended a course on sustaining change in QI. How is SusQI different?

The term "Sustainbility" is used in many contexts. It has come to mean different things to different people. In Quality Improvement it is often used to refer to the longevity of the changes made in a QI project, ie maintaining the change. At the Centre For Sustainable Healthcare we view sustainable change as one which helps to build a sustainable health service, taking into account environmental, social and financial aspects of a project.

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